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I know this isn’t related to acting, but here’s a little review of the LBM

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1 year ago

So here we go with my most recent project! 

It’s really simple: I act for you in a video.
That’s all! 

Why do I do this?

- I want to become an actress, so I signed up for an audition at the RADA in London city. Soon I went out of ideas for training and I came up with that idea. I also do this to cover up the costs of the audition fee and the travel costs because I don’t live in London so far. 

How does this work?

- It’s easy: You donate a small amount of money (minimum is £ 2.00) to me via paypal (The e-mail for that is: roguered94@gmail.com).For that amount of money I will make a video in which I play any script you give me, written by anyone, by you or I will do an improvisation of your choice. The more you donate the longer it gets.

Please make sure that you put your tumblr in the reference box of the paypal tranfer, so I know who you are. 

The scripts and ideas go here.

I don’t have 
£ 2.00 but I really want one!

- No worries! Once every four weeks I will choose a random script or improviational prompt from my inbox and play it for free.

If you have more questions, just inbox me.

1 year ago
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